At The Age Of 25, What Have You Achieved? (P.1)

Sheryl Sandberg met the US Treasury Secretary, Larry Summers, and got an MBA at Harvard.1At the age of 25, after graduating from the department of economics of Harvard University, Sandberg worked for World Bank under the authority of her teacher who later became the US Treasury Secretary, Larry Summers. She returned to Harvard and received her MBA in 1995. The period of studying at Harvard helped her to realize the potential of the Internet. Bill Gates carried out the first major deal in his life. 2 At the age of 21, Gates cooperated with Paul Allen to find the legendary Microsoft after dropping out of Harvard. However, the first turning point of his career came through a wise deal with IBM. In 1980, IBM needed an operating system for their new computers, which is why the company signed a contract with Microsoft. Instead of creating an operating system, Gates, when he was 25 years old, decided to apply for a license for an operating system called CP / M86. Then he bought a version of this operating system named QDOS with the licensing right. This operating system became the famous MS-DOS that almost everyone heard of. Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google.3   When Google was founded in 1998, both Brin and Page were only 25 years old. They also received the first investment of up to $ 100,000 from Andy Bechtolsheim, the co-founder of Sun Microsystem. But the problem was that the receiving company name written on the check was Google, even when Google had not yet been established. Thus, both had to quickly complete the paperwork to get their money. Evan Spiegel owned an asset of up to $ 2.1 billion.4 At the age of 21, Spiegel introduced the idea of Snapchat to his classmates at Stanford University, but unluckily, he didn’t seem to receiveany support. Three months after the initial idea, Spiegel launched an application called Picaboo and it was later changed to Snapchat. Since then, Snapchat has developed dramatically, which helped him to earn an asset of$ 2.1 billion. Currently, he is 25 years old. Michael Dell put his company’s shares on the stock exchange.5 At the age of 19, Michael Dell founded a company selling computer components called PC Limited right in his university’s dormitory. After one year, Dell decided to leave school to sharply focus on PC Limited, which later was renamed to Dell Computer. In 1988, when Dell was 23, Dell Computer was acquired with an offer of $ 30 million by IPO. Jack Dorsey cherished first ideas of Twitter at LiveJournal.6 At the age of 20, Dorsey hacked to the main system of Dispatch Management Services, a company specializing in delivery services founded by Greg Kidd. Being impressed by his ability, Kidd advised Dorsey to leave school and join his company. Four years later, Dorsey joined LiveJournal and started cherishing first ideas of, which is later changed into Twitter.

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