iPhone Will Be Perfect If iOS 10 Can Nail These Things

Apple's iOS operating system still has many points that users are not really satisfied.

Apple's iOS is now considered to be the best operating mobile system. Simple interface and easy to use along with a lot of useful features are iOS’s strong points. However, this operating system still exist a lot of things that Apple needs to improve in the upcoming iOS 10 so that it will become perfect for the users.

Control Center bar can be more customizable1

Since iOS 7 debuted, we can say that the Control Center toolbar is the most used tool, however, the features revolving around the Control Center are still quite limited and cannot afford high custom. Therefore, on the upcoming iOS 10 version we hope that Apple can enable users to do many things right on this toolbar. For example, turning off the data network, turning the iPhone into a personal hotspot, or even the Low Power Mode.

Add more default wallpapers2

We can say that most of the background picture of the operating system iOS 9 are very beautiful. However, Apple only provides users with 7 animated backgrounds and 27 static backgrounds, which is extremely meager. So many users have hoped Apple would add a lot of different background images within the upcoming iOS 10 as they have to look for pictures online or could end up with an iPhone full of boring background pictures.

Hide default applications more easily3

In fact, right from the recent version of iOS 9.3, Apple has allowed users to hide default applications through a tool called Apple Configurator 2.2 Beta. However, this approach was extremely complex and confusing for us to accomplish. So, with iOS 10, Apple can try to offer a new solution for the users to be able to hide the default applications more easily.

Redesign the App Store4

App Store on iOS operating system has been seen as the best app store today. It offer rich applications, it is easy to install and is censored very thoroughly by Apple. However, nothing is perfect and the store still has a lot of annoying points to users. Specifically, finding a new and quality application is not as easy as before. Besides, Apple does not allow users a trial time before spending large sums of money to own it, which has recently been done by Google Play Store on Android.

Describe the new features after updating softwares5

Whenever Apple releases a new update, it often comes with new features. However, to be able to understand how to use these features, most users can only consult and seek information on the Internet. So, to be able to solve this problem, even after users update the software, Apple should provide a full user guide of the new features so users can easily grasp.

Allow snooze time settings

[caption id="attachment_71" align="alignleft" width="620"]iphone alram clock iphone alram clock[/caption]

Most users use the iPhone as an alarm clock every morning. However, there have been many complaints from users that Apple's smartphone cannot modify the snooze time but they have to wait for 9 minutes for the bell to ring again. This has made many people to wake up much later than the time they set the alarm. Therefore, being able to install the alarm time on iOS 10 will make most users happy.


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