MINI COOPER S Countryman 2015 Review: Small But Unique (P.1)

Evaluating MINI Cooper S Countryman 2015, many experts said that despite being the oldest of the Cooper family, this 5-door car always attracts everyone’s attention.


Although MINI Cooper S Countryman 2015 is not so famous, MINI always has loyal customers who love the classic, light and full of personality cars. Once being a symbol of England in 1960, MINI was taken over by BMW in 1994 and it now has its own place on the international market.


The front part of MINI Cooper S Countryman 2015

MINI Cooper S Countryman 2015 has a backward trapezoidal radiator system in which is a series of long and small holes interwoven together.

The headlight of Cooper S Countryman is equipped with Xenon lights which bring a lot better experience. In addition, the headlight is also integrated with the standard remote / near lightning technology. Moreover, when looking a little lower, we can see the two very unique chrome-bordered air intake cavities of MINI Cooper.

The body part of MINI Cooper S Countryman 2015

MINI Cooper S Countryman 2015 body design is not too fussy when the vehicle does not have any vein or obvious edge, but the car’s details are more meticulous and sophisticated.

Designed in oval, the mirrors’ back is painted completely in black, which highlights the white paint of the car. These mirrors can also be automatically adjusted. A little closer to the mirror is the LED turn signal light system, MINI does not follow the current trend of integrating the turn signal lights into the mirror but the company moves the lights near the front part of the car, which creates an exciting highlight for MINI Copper S Countryman 2015.

The rear part of MINI Cooper S Countryman 2015

Overall, the rear end of this car is the most impressive part of the whole car. The sexy curves above the pair of the exhaust pipes bring a very youthful look. Above the roof of the car is where the radio broadcast antenna placed.

The taillight system of Countryman is designed to look like ruby red stones. This system also has 2 bulbs, one with a darker color is the fog light, and the other is the reversing light. This design is not only modern, but it is also very neat and rational.


MINI Cooper S Countryman 2015 has sporty front seats, bringing sitters best experience with the middle layer of the chair helping to limit sweating.

The rear leg is about 858 mm in width and 1323 mm in length and this is enough for up to 3 people. The passenger seats can be folded back allowing users to increase the size of the luggage compartment.

All seats are fully covered by leather and they are adjustable, which helps occupants to feel smoother and prevent diseases related to the spine.

The car’s trunk of MINI is only of 350 liters, but after folding the two rear seats, the capacity will be increased to about 3 times (nearly 1,170 liters). This car is quite comfortable for long trips of young couples.

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